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Port dredging

Most of the Ports and the access channels to the Italian Ports, following the increasingly violent storms that occur, are subject to phenomena of localized or generalized interruptions. Maintenance dredging is an opportunity to permanently allow access and operation of ships. In these cases the soil is mostly incoherent: silts, non-compact clays and sands.

LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. has the exclusive property on the Italian territory of an aspiring, self-loading, self-propelled dredger (TSHD), ie the M/N dredger Gino Cucco which is the most performing vehicle for this type of dredging work, managing to guarantee, in condition of shallow waters and small spaces of evolution, a unique operation in the genre. For significant quantities and in ports that require continuous traffic without interference, the suction dredger, self-propelled dredger with disruptor is the most effective solution.

LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. also carries out excavation operations for the creation of foundation plans for piers and docks or under-quench excavations: guaranteeing centimeter precision without excavation surpluses.

All maritime vehicles are qualified for dredging operations at sea, having the R.I.Na. classification. “Coastal navigation” with registration in the Register of Minor ships of the Capitanerie di Venezia and Chioggia.

LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. guarantees the use of environmentally friendly high-closing buckets, which prevent the dispersion of the material during the loading and transshipment phases.

LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. registered with the Environmental Managers Register is also authorized to carry out dredging and transporting of polluted materials, being able to rely on robust and tested methods to mitigate the risk of pollution during the works.

LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. in conditions of potential risk of dispersion of the finest sediments, carries out dredging operations with the use of floating panels, designed and built ad hoc depending on the workings.