• La Dragaggi Srl - Ripascimenti, dragaggi e lavori marittimi

Special works

Thanks to the experience and specialization acquired over the years by LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. in the maritime and river fields, the company is able to carry out highly specialized activities in particular geographical contexts.

Over time, LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. has performed various types of special works such as:

  • Dredging with mototopes;
  • Dredging with barges;
  • Dredging with land vehicles;
  • Pipeline laying;
  • Transfer of sludge to landfill;
  • Hauling of gigantic boulders;
  • Lifting and removal of boats;
  • Restoration and installation of briccole;
  • Dock protection works.

Each process is carried out by LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. using cutting-edge technologies and according to high quality standards.