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Geomorphological restoration lagoon environments

The generalized erosion of the salt marshes of the Venice Lagoon is an expression of environmental degradation and hydrogeological instability; the progressive retreat of the banks of the salt marshes has assumed such a significant extent as to significantly and visibly modify the lagoon landscape. Currently, increasingly large areas of salt marshes are disappearing and the sediments detached from the salt marshes accumulate on the neighboring shallows.

The sediments, put in suspension by the action of the tide and the waves generated by boats, are dragged by the current first towards the minor canals and then into the major canals, and then partly ends up to the inlets from which they are discharged into the sea.

Not only common sense and hydraulic engineering, but now also the current legislation requires the protection of the salt marshes and the restoration of the peculiar morphology of the Venice lagoon.

The intervention plan, prepared by the Public Administration in 1993, is slowly being implemented and LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. is contributing with its own means and know-how to the implementation of the plan with methodologies and measures that allow to implement the interventions envisaged by the aforementioned plan are optimal.

A particular trick of LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. is to flow back the material in the “rainbow” rain using a support pontoon with a remote-controlled cannon projecting the material with a radial jet, which allows the material to be evenly distributed, avoiding unnatural accumulations.