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Coastal nourishment

The severe condition of hydrogeological and sedimentological deficit that over the past 30 years have increasingly afflicted the coasts of Italy has driven LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. to specialize in the formation and recovery of beaches (beach nourishment), which over the years have suffered extensive damage due to subsidence, eustatism and tides of greater intensity/duration.

To cope with foreign “competitors” and have means and equipment always abreast with the times, LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. has invested in instrumentation and research. We are the only company in Italy to have a TSHD (Trailing suction hopper dredger), self-loading, trawling and self-propelled that supplies material by means of a pipeline up to 4 miles away, without the need for intermediate booster stations.

Improvements to the instrumentation, automation, tracking techniques and graphic simulation provide the best combination in terms of precision and efficiency, allowing for selective dredging with thickness of the order of tens of centimeters.

The know-how, experience and expertise of LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. in beach nourishment activities are dedicated to reduce the time required for material collection, energy consumption, water turbidity, emissions of the dredger, ecological side effects and operating costs.

Everything is aimed to achieve a valuable contribution to environmental sustainability.