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Quays construction

LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. possesses the qualification SOA OS21 special structural works. In particular, the company has gained particular expertise in the construction and renovation of port docks.

We offer integrated solutions, from design to construction, aimed at creating support or mooring devices for ships, preparing infrastructures for land vehicles for loading/unloading goods (cranes, unloaders, pumps), creating or modernizing the connection between ships and mainland using the most diverse means (roads, railways, pipelines, conveyors), to create the systems necessary to provide the ship with the necessary services (connection of drinking water and ballast, telephone, compressed air, fire prevention).

The specialization owned by LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. allows you to create a finished work in all its functional aspects:

  • docks;
  • connections to existing works and systems;
  • laying and compaction of the filling material;
  • technologies for the consolidation of the latter;
  • interventions necessary for the protection of the environment;
  • runways for quay cranes;
  • flooring;
  • public lighting;
  • service networks and underground services.