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Seabed leveling

Most of the ports and access channels to the Italian ports are subject to localized silting phenomena, due to the increasingly frequent storm surges or to the movement of masses of sand from one point to another due to the dynamic action of the propellers of the ships being maneuvered. Leveling represents a necessary opportunity to allow the access and operation of ships, thanks to the removal of sediment heaps present within the areas.

LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l., with its own means (R.I.Na. certified) and its technical staff, and thanks to the experience gained over the decades, is able to carry out leveling activities in a workmanlike manner, regularizing the forms of fund in the most homogeneous and precise way possible.

In particular, the M/V Dredger “Gino Cucco” is technically the most suitable means in the Italian panorama for the leveling of the seabed, as it was designed and built with reduced draft precisely with the aim of reaching the areas below the quay that they are prohibitive for larger dredges, which require higher draft and more space to maneuver.

Furthermore, LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l. has a leveling blade that is connected to the boats and allows to regularize the seabed even in spot interventions, located in small neighborhoods. With contiguous streaks it is possible to obtain a regularized surface and at the desired depth.