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Dock and channel Port dredging

The docks and the channel Ports are subject to silting phenomena due to natural causes (storm surges, coastal solid transport, rivers) or external factors (movement of sediments induced by boats).

LA DRAGAGGI s.r.l., thanks to the versatility of its work vehicles, can operate on depths up to a few tens of centimeters, using modern, innovative and avant-garde techniques: the vehicles used for dredging are equipped with adequate guidance and control systems. which allow to determine the positioning of the vessel and the dredging system with centimeter precision.

All maritime vessels are authorized for dredging operations at sea having the R.I.Na. “Coastal navigation” with registration in the register of minor ships of the Venice and Chioggia harbor master’s offices. The vehicles are self-propelled and do not require the use of pylons or parking anchors during excavation operations, thus allowing extremely rapid movements.